tyre campaign on www.pirelli.ro

from today we have a tyre campaign in Romania on www.pirelli.ro, one for the winter if you buy: 1) 4 tyres Snowcontrol II • if you buy for at least 1000 ron → you get Fuel vouchers of 100 ron • if you buy for at least 1500 ron → you get Fuel vouchers of… Continue reading tyre campaign on www.pirelli.ro

the new www.pirelli.com

the www.pirelli.com has from today a new look, more customer oriented, more easily to reach the information you search a orientation to tyre, as the main business, knowing that pirelli has also other business, in other sectors, i do recommend to test it, i glad that i work on Pirelli, for the websites 🙂 www.pirelli.com

Ubuntu 10.10

it does seems that latest Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop Edition puts focus on consumers and mobile,Ubuntu One,  includes new services and expanded features, significant performance enhancements and interoperability with other operating systems including Google’s Android, Apple’s iPhone and Microsoft Windows. The Ubuntu Software Centre, which gives users instant access to thousands of applications, games and tools,… Continue reading Ubuntu 10.10

Star Storage – PSI Craiova 7-5

Star Storage – PSI Craiova 7-5 well we’ve lost, i did not played i had some problems others results Hella – Exception Throwers 2-8 Muse – CS Romania 5-10 Pozitia Echipa Jocuri Victorii Egaluri Infrangeri G.M. G.P. Golaveraj Puncte 1 Exception Throwers 9 8 0 1 64 23 41 24 2 Muse 9 7 0… Continue reading Star Storage – PSI Craiova 7-5