Bluetooth on iPhone Using AirBlue Sharing

You must have a jailbreak device, i’am using a 4S having iOS 7.0.6 with jailbreak, from Cydia, you must add source iF0rce having the URL: then install AirBlue Sharing 1.4.25 from that source, then do an uninstall of AirBlue Sharing, and add source to Cydia if you don’t have it already and install… Continue reading Bluetooth on iPhone Using AirBlue Sharing

jailbreak on iPhone 4S last firmware 7.04

i’ve updated to the last firmare available for 4S and it’s moving ok updated from iTunes and then using the jailbreak from the link i had a carrier backup using the ticket and restored after installing iFile. if you depend in a carrier you may need carrier sim to activate the phone.

iPhone using Bluetooth

you need to have jailbrake on the iPhone, i’am having 6.1.2 firmware on it, on Cydia you need to add source and search for Celeste 2