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Iphone copy embed code from youtube video

For almost a week i’am using my iphone for navigating in internet, writing my blog, so i did find some difficulties, one of them is to copy embed text from youtube from iphone, well you can’t, but is a trick to resolve this, so having the link of the video you can use a web site that is available here that can give you the embed code.
Well thanks to this trick i was able to post youtube videos.
You can do copy paste on flicker but with youtube seems to be a problem.


Video Jay Z -Empire state of mind

I really like the last Jay Z video Empire state of mind, it’s no.1 in US top chart.


Pirelli Calendar 2010 photos

For those that haven’t seen it yet you can try this link to a flicker free account click here
It was made in Brasil.


Apple MacBook 13" 2,13 GHz Bianco"

I’ve found a nice configuration of laptop
an apple macbook,here in Milano
Scheda tecnica “Apple MacBook 13″ 2,13 GHz Bianco”
Processore Intel Core 2 Duo da 2.13 GHz
Cache 3MB di memoria L2 cache condivisa – 1066 MHz FSB
Memoria Ram 2GB di memoria DDR2 SDRAM a 800MHz, espandibile a 4GB
Disco fisso Serialfo ATA da 160GB a 5400 rpm, con Sudden Motion Sensor
Scheda grafica NVIDIA GeForce con 256MB di memoria DDR2 condivisa
Unità di lettura dischi SuperDrive 8x con caricatore automatico
Tipo di schermo LCD da 13.3 pollici a retroilluminazione LED 1280 x 800
Interfacce Due porte USB 2.0 (fino a 480Mbps)
Porta FireWire 400 (fino a 400Mbps)
Porta Mini-DVI
Porta Gigabit Ethernet
Ingresso audio
Uscita audio
Slot per cavo di sicurezza Kensington
Porta per alimentatore MagSafe
Comunicazione Wi-Fi AirPort Extreme IEEE 802.11a/b/g
Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000BASE-T
Bluetooth 2.0+EDR
Sistema audio Speakers integrati
Sistema operativo Apple Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard
Software • Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard (include Time Machine, Visualizzazione rapida, Spaces, Spotlight, Dashboard, Mail, iChat, Safari, Rubrica Indirizzi, QuickTime, iCal, DVD Player, Photo Booth, Front Row, Xcode Developer Tools)
• iLife ’09 (includes iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, iWeb, iDVD)
Webcam Videocamera iSight
Altro Trackpad Multi-Touch in vetro
Alimentatore MagSafe a 60 Watt
Dimensioni 275 x 325 x 227 mm
Peso 2,27 kg
Price 699 euro
But knowing about black friday maybe the discounts will appear also here in Italy in the future.


Nimbuzz application for iphone

i used nimbuzz as instant messaging for my accounts for skype,gtalk and yahoo messager.I’ve notice that for yahoo messenger it is possible to make calls,which earlier was possible only for skype and gtalk.I found it very usefull as i forgot to take from home the rechargeble for my phone and also laptop,i have to use and explore more my 3G iphone model with 8G storage space.


Apple's Black Friday deal

Apple try to reduce the price of availables products, having a discount from 10-30% to it’s products. It’s a start i’ll say in making a step/movement in cutting off pricess a little bit, in sort of a promotion.It will soon be available also in the Europe’s market too.


2010 Pirelli Calendar

The website is:
On 19 November 2009 it was launched The 2010 Pirelli Calendar, now in its 37th edition, was presented to the press and to guests and collectors from around the world, at its global premiere in London. The much-awaited appointment with ‘The Cal’, a cult object for over 40 years, was held this year at Old Billingsgate, the suggestive late 19th century building on the banks of the Thames, where from 1875 to 1982 it housed the capital city’s fish market. Following China, immortalized by Patrick Demarchelier in the 2008 edition, and Botswana shot by Peter Beard a year later, 2010 is the year of Brazil and of American photographer Terry Richardson, the celebrated “enfant terrible” known for his provocative and outrageous approach. In the 30 images that scan the months of 2010, Terry Richardson depicts a return to a playful, pure Eros. Through his lens he runs after fantasies and provokes, but with a simplicity that sculpts and captures the sunniest side of femininity. He portrays a woman who is captivating because she is natural, who plays with stereotypes in order to undo them, who makes irony the only veil she covers herself with. This is a return to the natural, authentic atmospheres and images of the ‘60s and ‘70s. It is a clear homage to the Calendar’s origins, a throwback to the first editions by Robert Freeman (1964), Brian Duffy (1965) and Harry Peccinotti (1968 and 1969). Terry Richardson, like his illustrious predecessors, has chosen a simple kind of photography, without retouching, where naturalness prevails over technique and becomes the key to removing artificial excesses in vogue today to reveal the true woman underneath.
You can see the photos of the new calendar having an account and if you don’t you can make one on any Pirelli Web site, for example on this page:
you can use the Sign in link.
Enjoy 😀


New flu vaccine now made in Romania at ‘Cantacuzino’

At the beginning of the pandemic new flu the was the possibility to buy the new flu vaccine from other countries,but one that isn’t approved at an international level. We now have one that is made in Romania at The Institute Cantacuzino 250.000 dozes are available for persons from the area most affected, and 400.000 ready to be send in R.Moldova.


in Italy

From Tuesday 24 Novembre i’am in Milano for 2 weeks,
for job reasons, i hope it will not rain as last time 😀


Download WordPress 2.9 Beta 1

First Beta version of WordPress 2.9 is ready and available for download to wptesters. Final release of WordPress 2.9 is expected to release on October 30.
Download WordPress 2.9 Beta 1.

wordpress 2.9 beta
wordpress 2.9 beta