Apple MacBook 13" 2,13 GHz Bianco"

I’ve found a nice configuration of laptop an apple macbook,here in Milano Scheda tecnica “Apple MacBook 13″ 2,13 GHz Bianco” Processore Intel Core 2 Duo da 2.13 GHz Cache 3MB di memoria L2 cache condivisa – 1066 MHz FSB Memoria Ram 2GB di memoria DDR2 SDRAM a 800MHz, espandibile a 4GB Disco fisso Serialfo ATA… Continue reading Apple MacBook 13" 2,13 GHz Bianco"

Apple's Black Friday deal

Apple try to reduce the price of availables products, having a discount from 10-30% to it’s products. It’s a start i’ll say in making a step/movement in cutting off pricess a little bit, in sort of a promotion.It will soon be available also in the Europe’s market too.

2010 Pirelli Calendar

The website is: On 19 November 2009 it was launched The 2010 Pirelli Calendar, now in its 37th edition, was presented to the press and to guests and collectors from around the world, at its global premiere in London. The much-awaited appointment with ‘The Cal’, a cult object for over 40 years, was held… Continue reading 2010 Pirelli Calendar

New flu vaccine now made in Romania at ‘Cantacuzino’

At the beginning of the pandemic new flu the was the possibility to buy the new flu vaccine from other countries,but one that isn’t approved at an international level. We now have one that is made in Romania at The Institute Cantacuzino 250.000 dozes are available for persons from the area most affected, and 400.000… Continue reading New flu vaccine now made in Romania at ‘Cantacuzino’

in Italy

From Tuesday 24 Novembre i’am in Milano for 2 weeks, for job reasons, i hope it will not rain as last time 😀