TransBucegi, a road to Babele and Sfinx – part 2

The road is good, but a 4×4 will certain do a better work until here the road is good road isn’t perfect but is fine here the road end and you have to walk some good km, if you don’t like walk a recommend using not trying TransBucegi, use from Busteni the… Continue reading TransBucegi, a road to Babele and Sfinx – part 2

Craiova International Airport

On January 27th, 1938, Charles II of Romania decreed setting up “an airport in Craiova, which would also serve as a military aerodrome, in case of war…”. Starting with that year, Craiova Airport “assigned to public air passenger and merchandise transport” functioned on the actual location. more info here

Milan – place to visit

two more important places you have to see are: Duomo di Milano more info here Castello sforzesco more info here

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Black Forest to the Black Sea A good documentary presenting in Part one: From the Black Forest to the Black Sea Romantic shores, wild nature, baroque art: one can barely escape from the fascination of the Danube. The groundbreaking two-part documentary by Rita and Michael Schlamberger shows unknown sides of a river that shapes an entire continent. Along the course… Continue reading Black Forest to the Black Sea

Bigar Cascade Falls and Nature Reserve

i’ll say is a hidden place that i didn’t see it until now, but for sure is a beautiful and interesting one, quite accessible to reach to; close to mail road that takes you to Oravita, on a nice and traditional forgotten places seems lost in the mountains.