Greece – Paralia Katerini

I recently return from my holiday from Greece, i was returning back to Paralia Katerini after 2 years, it was beautiful as it was the first time, i even discover new and interesting places, that that the first time i was’t able to see, time was maybe an importat factor, this time i took a… Continue reading Greece – Paralia Katerini


As they say that Bio-Resonance uses the most advanced and effective bioresonance systems in energy medicine today for health screening and energy balancing, some other people seems to not agree with that, that it’s something that you cannot rely on, i got to say that same impresion i have too, but i give it a… Continue reading Bio-Resonance

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Music typo

I think what are you listen the most may actually be what you really like, so i really wait to see and others impresions, and also names would be nice too,from you the readers to see what you like. So i will tell you some names of something that i am listening now: Alexunderbase –… Continue reading Music typo

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iPhone/iPod OS on a MacPro

Some persons have make a really nice thing to install iPhone/iPod OS on a MacPro and using an monitor multitouch. You can see how is going the iPhone in the next movie: