use YouTube video as a GIF

It works for the long name YouTube video. Add after “www.” and before “” gif So, for example, you’d turn: into: Also the url without www. seems to work:

data used last month

i do like the MyDataUsage application, which create a report of the data used on the smartphone. I did used for the Cellular Data usage, a fine 608.5MB Wifi Data usage 1762.3MB

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new Pirelli corporate sites

you can access the Pirelli corporate websites, they have a new graphic design: corporate EN corporate IT try it tell me what you think 🙂 and mail in romanian language from March

well it’s official we will have in Romania,, i do prefer the interface for mail in English but there are persons that may not know English. are many users that do use other services for mail as gmail or hotmail, aol, etc well you can use what you like, but yahoo does have for… Continue reading and mail in romanian language from March