co-worker wedding

wedding Well the photo was made on 26 September, the date that the two persons Camelia and Madalin decided to bound each other for ever, a nice, beautiful, also an important step to follow and do, into any relationship, as an next step to consolidate an relation between two persons that are in love.
Camelia is a co-workers at Application Management at the same department “Internet &New media” at Pirelli.
It was an beautiful wedding, well the question that remains who’s next, it’s something that we know for sure or it’s the time that will only decide that?
Does wedding join people?Is it important? Are you most reliable than before? Does it change you?
There are many question that arise but the couple will have to deal, join, enjoy everything together for now on, enjoy every second close each other, and move on, as it is an important but just an step from an long way that they decided to follow together.Happy marriage!
Do you like weddings? Are you married? Does it changes your life? Well you know it!!!


hi5 social network

What kind of social network are you using? Well there are people saying that depends on a lot of think the way you wanna make it public, so is it the image all that you see on a person? Or is it just more, but image is just enough for you?
Important or not what you see is the first thing that aims you, making an impression,
if it’s reliable or not, it’s a starting point.
I was on the country side last week and took some photos with the cat that grow up in my house for 1 year and a half, witch make me think that it wasn’t happy at all
living in an apartment, after taking it outside, it became to like it more.
i just publish some photos on my hi5 public account .
What kind of social network are you using?

Mac OS X snow leopard

MSI Ex600 with Snow Leopard

I manage to install Snow Leopard on my laptop using chameleon bootloader package Chameleon_v1012.pkg, after many tuttorials that i’ve seen and having difficulties to boot from the laptop harddisk, so i found a trick, using this the tutorial to install from the following page How to install Snow Leopard 10A432 on a PC the guide is in italian language, after installing it because i wanna use my old partition types that were booting using MBR, i used a custom OSInstall.mpkg for MBR install, google is your friend, and at the and EasyBCD helped on adding Snow Leopard on the vista bootloader that i was using, copying the boot file from the tutorial doing a rename and putting it in the NST directory on C drive,that is used for booting OS, for  Neogrub from EasyBCD, having name .efi and then at last you can enjoy Snow Leopard from your harddisk partition, so i think i have to delete the install of Snow Leopard on my external harddrive.
QuicktimeX is a perfect application used with my laptop camera i can record a movie with it, system now is using the both 2 cores that my processor has so i glad i can use it at maximum, and it’s faster, has also support for booting in 64 bit mode,  well now i even like it more.

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snow leopard boot default in 32 bit mode

Default it boot in a 32 bit operating system, maybe to do not loose the persons that have allready bought a Mac and have a processor that
does not support 64 bit, so if you dont’t wanna have compatibility issues that default mode of booting may be fine,
there are also many application that are not allready ready for 64 bit, as Adode CS 4 , but same problem you may have on windows too
with visa or windows xp on 64 bit, but the difference between them it’s big.

Mac OS X Operating Systems

snow leopard part 2

First for test i’ve used my external hard drive, and now i think i will put it on my old mac os x 10.5.8 partition
doing a format.
Well test it, and i have same problems with the bootloader, i allready had chameleon 1.12
and trying to put 2.0 RC 3 that seems to have full suport for Snow Leopard, even if it isn’t final version.


i bought an invisibleshield for my iphone

Well, it’s good, it does protect him, there a scratches that normally will let mark on your iphone,
but this seems to protect againts them, i was thinking of  another way but this seems just
a little soft plastic material that they say it’s strong, that it’s sticky on one side, you use a
spray to do not let mark on him in the moment of installing it, and then a small part of
plastic that in the  move over the plastic material takes out the liquid spray and air that
is under it. First time i did not use so much spay, and them i was warry that it will never
be the same again , sticky, the cost: 20 euro.

snow leopard

I have snow leopard on my laptop

I’am writing from snow leopard now, it’s moving more faster than leopard,
has more changes, but i’ll came later with more reviews:
Hardware Overview:
Model Name: Mac
Model Identifier: MSI Notebook EX600
Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
Processor Speed: 1.67 GHz
Number Of Processors: 1
Total Number Of Cores: 2
L2 Cache: 2 MB
Memory: 2 GB
Bus Speed: 667 MHz
Boot ROM Version: A1636IMS V5.09
SMC Version (system): 1.13f3

Community Medical

Crisis result – usa tent city

The crisis has affected a lot of people letting them without house out there
without help, knowing that there are groups theat also had profit on this
period of time, at the other corner there are people living in the tent.

A search result on youtube writing tent city will give you some results.

Mac OS X

Mount a disk image (dmg) file in Mac OS X

hdiutil attach somefile.dmg
Mount a disk image (dmg) file in Mac OSX
To unmount, replace “attach” with “eject”
Well i hope it helps, for me did.


igo on the 3G iphone review

Well bad luck, i think i’ve used the IGO software yesterday, and maybe it’s not for the 3G model maybe optimize only for the last iphone model 3gs because it doesn’t seems to be working good having what we may say lag, the map it’s allways late in accuracy, maps seems to be wrong on some roads, well my old Nokia 5800 was surely more good than this, having Garmin as software.The signal on the iphone doesn’t seems to be so good even when i have it in my hand,
and not in the car.
I will try also another software for navigation, because i really like/want to use one for my car, if i can’t find one good for iphone i surely return to nokia 5800 if i wanna use navigation.