co-worker wedding

wedding Well the photo was made on 26 September, the date that the two persons Camelia and Madalin decided to bound each other for ever, a nice, beautiful, also an important step to follow and do, into any relationship, as an next step to consolidate an relation between two persons that are in love.
Camelia is a co-workers at Application Management at the same department “Internet &New media” at Pirelli.
It was an beautiful wedding, well the question that remains who’s next, it’s something that we know for sure or it’s the time that will only decide that?
Does wedding join people?Is it important? Are you most reliable than before? Does it change you?
There are many question that arise but the couple will have to deal, join, enjoy everything together for now on, enjoy every second close each other, and move on, as it is an important but just an step from an long way that they decided to follow together.Happy marriage!
Do you like weddings? Are you married? Does it changes your life? Well you know it!!!

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