Craiova International Airport

On January 27th, 1938, Charles II of Romania decreed setting up “an airport in Craiova, which would also serve as a military aerodrome, in case of war…”. Starting with that year, Craiova Airport “assigned to public air passenger and merchandise transport” functioned on the actual location. more info here

Craiova – Milano first trip with Wizzair

with Wizzair you can go from Craiova – Milano (Bergamo) with 92 lei, from 20 May 2013, all taxes included only Monday and Friday. Departures from Craiova Airport is at 19.05 local time and will arrive at Bergamo on the local time 20.10 (21.10 Ro time). On returning , the flight leaves from Bergamo Airport… Continue reading Craiova – Milano first trip with Wizzair