honeycomb 3.1

Honeycomb enhancements are on their way with the new 3.1 update which will be pushed out to the Motorola XOOM as of today.  This new update features a few enhancements which should make your tablet experience a bit more enjoyable.
First on the list of Android 3.1 enhancements is a more robust multi-tasking and app-switching mechanism. Rather than simply showing you a few of the most recent apps you have used, the latest version of Honeycomb will show a complete history of all the apps you have used.
The new update will also bring enhancements to Honeycomb widgets. Basically, you now have the ability to resize widgets to whatever size fits your needs.  Get a lot of email? Simply make your Gmail widget larger. Have a busy schedule? Just long-press your calendar widget and drag the edges out.
In order to make Android tablets more USB friendly, Honeycomb 3.1 can now function as a USB host. Adding USB host functionality will give users the ability to plug in their digital camera and transfer files directly to their tablet or even use mice, keyboards, and game devices to interact with the OS and apps. 
Google also revealed that Honeycomb 3.1 will roll out to Google TV. Current Google TV devices should expect to receive the OTA update this summer with the inclusion of the Android Market. 
Honeycomb 3.1 may not seem like a huge step forward, but the enhancements Google is pushing out should push the platform forward, making it a stronger competitor with iOS.

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