two Romanians are trying to finding the cure for cancer

The medical world is shaking with excitement as two teams formed by scientific researchers who are led by two Romanians are on the verge of finding the cure for cancer. Nicolae Ghinea and Aurelian Radu are two Romanian scientists which have discovered after years of research, which is the universal “fingerprint” for cancer and using this information, the disease can be spotted in due time and cured with the proper medicine, without letting the illness spread even further. Nicolae Ghinea and Aurelian Radu were leading two team of researchers, one from Paris and the other one from New York when the amazing discovery was made.
As they explained, in an exclusive interview given to a Romanian newspaper, Gandul, the answer lies in a marker-protein which is capable of finding all 11 types or cancer tissues studied. Nicolae Ghinea is a doctor specialized in cell biology and he is currently the Research Manager for the National Institute of Health and Medical Research in Paris. He claims that all the research activities he led could have never been conducted anywhere else. Back in 1992 he published a study in the “Journal of Cell Biology”, referring to the transportation of the LH hormone mediated by receptors found on animal testicles.
In 2004, he checked if that mechanism can also be applied for the FSH hormone and when the results were positive, he came up with the idea to use this transportation mechanism in finding prostate cancer. No one had ever tried this experiment until then and when he saw the results, he turned to his ex-colleague from the Institute of Cellular Biology and Pathology, a doctor in molecular biology, Aurelian Radu. At that time, Aurealian Radu was at the medical school of Mount-Sinai, in New York.
The two teams led by Ghinea and Radu have studies several types of tumors gathered from a number of 1.336 patients, looking to find answer as to how one can treat prostate cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, bladder cancer, kidney cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer, testicle cancer as well as ovaries cancer. In all their studies, they have noticed the presence of the marker-protein.
Being very optimistic in their discoveries, Nicolae Ghinea and Aurelian Radu say they are in a race against time and with the help of major medicine manufacturers, they can come up with a universal cancer remedy within a matter of months. However, it will take at least 2 or 3 years until this medicine can be given out to patients.

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