car accident – update 4

Today, the police office called me, and told that i must go to the station, and he’ll let me know there, so i went there and he told me he has 2 bad news, well yeah it’s not so good:
1) the car’s owner had the mandatory car insurance expired, the first time he told me he has one, only that today he verified and it’s expired, niceeeee 🙂 i cannot repair my car with his mandatory car insurance;
2) the person that was driving the car that hit mine has 18 years, and does not have a driving license, and he do not seems to work for the car’s owner, he left after the accident, as the car’s owner did oblige him, with no money for the 30 day of working for him, it was there also his mom, teling me that they are religious people, that the car’s owner that has a baker did oblige him to drive even he didn’t have a driving license, that the apartment where they are staying is almost to be taking out for buying, that they don’t have money … blah blah blah
Maybe the story it’s true, well for fixing my car, i shall see, he did say he will find some secondhand pieces and a persons that he knows may fix.
🙂 well yes a beautiful day

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