feature Firefox 4

Mozilla released a new Firefox 4 prototype late Monday that builds in support for Google’s WebM video technology and several other changes planned for the open-source Web browser’s next major version.
With WebM, Google hopes to liberate Web video from patent-related royalty constraints of today’s prevailing video compression technology, H.264. Mozilla and Google are working to make WebM’s VP8 codec a standard part of the new specification for built-in video being added to the HTML5 Web page design technology.
But the situation is complicated: Apple prefers the H.264 codec and has built that codec into its Safari browser, and Microsoft is doing so with IE9, its upgrade to Internet Explorer now under development. Google’s Chrome is supporting both H.264 and WebM, whose video codec is called VP8.
Lending a bit of weight to the Mozilla and Google camp is Opera Software, the fifth-ranked browser in terms of share of usage. On Monday, it released an Opera developer version that adds WebM support among various other HTML5 additions.

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