Bill Gates acknowledges the great work Steve Jobs on his return to Apple

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are two people with vision and ability to do business in the world of technology.
And much rivalry that may exist between the two companies (Microsoft and Apple), between these two figures shows a mutual respect. And one of the last samples were the statements that Bill Gates made in a program of the North American CNBC television in which they praise the work done by Apple CEO upon his return to the company in 1997.
Apple was in a difficult situation because of bad decisions about the products being manufactured. These compromised the future of a company that was years ago concerning the sector. And how came forward?. Well, thanks to Jobs and his outlook on the future.
And many know their particular way of understanding the technology, what should be and it should be. Gates knows and recognizes the great work of a visionary Steve Jobs who, like him can cause some headaches, he has reasoned that power to improve their products. Please be told with Windows 7.

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