10 ways to prevent epidemic flu

It’s epidemic flu, the risk that you become sick and you are very high! What could we do to avoid viruses season? Webmd.com site specialists have made a list of ‘habits necessary “to keep the flu and foot distance.
1. Sleep more!
The higher portion of sleep is shorter, with both your immunity is lower. During sleep, your body fight and eliminate germs which can affect health.For an adult it is recommended to sleep at least eight hours a day during this period, and a child needs 12-13 hours of sleep. Ask your family to bed early and I have a quiet autumn medically!
2. Start the morning with a refreshing by the book!
Exercise increases the power cells that fight disease. You can frolic in the shower, you can do before moving Wardrobe, until you decide what to dress. If you have family, give them all morning awakening to the music rhythm and start glorious stretches of rigor. The little ones can make them dance for ten minutes. Enjoy this beautiful time.
3. Declares war on bacteria!
Make sure that both you and your family have to constantly clean hands, wash with disinfectant soap. Cancel hygiene products very creamy, very moisturizing, but not so effective fight against microbes. Opt for soaps that have strictly to disinfect! Moreover, trying to keep soap on hands for 10 seconds. In your pockets always some wet wipes, and when you wash clothes, towels put them at the highest temperature.
4. Drink more!
Everyone knows that when you are sick need to drink lots of liquids. But effective is to drink it to prevent disease. Consuming as many fluids, will maintain airway soft tissues, thus preventing the microbes to penetrate the body. Hydration and stimulates your body immunity, making it a perfect work!
5. Refresh!
Open windows daily and refreshes your house. The dark air gather dust, developing in microbes. Permanently closed window is responsible for headaches, skin rough and finally, to the flu.
6. Let temperature below!
A house promotes superheated dry air, the perfect environment for viruses. When membranes of the nose, throat and mouth are dry, they can keep germs very well. Use a humidifier in the house, which will give you air your health need. It is found in any pharmacy or as a last resort, you can put a pot of water on radiators.
7. Relax!
You get to walk in the park with your family. If you do not have time to get to the park, walk to work or grocery store, if distance is not hard. A bit of meditation, relaxation and exercise a little extra you will provide, besides a clear mind and a strong body.
8. Health in your stomach pumped!
Eat Natural! Eat carrots, kiwi, raisins, green beans, oranges, strawberries, and they will boost your vitamin C and carotenoids! Vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower are good sources of body disinfectants. Give your child five portions of fruit and raw vegetables a day!
9. Easier with sweets!
Sugar producing acid in your body and it will be concerned to fight it, than in fighting germs. Eat fewer sweets, fruit sugar supplementing need.
10. Take all supplements!
Doctors say most children do not receive the micronutrients they need from what they eat, so their body is weaker than it should be. Therefore it is good to give him your little one daily supplement of vitamin C, calcium and magnesium. Moreover, the one you need too! As an adult, healthy food you miss more than ten times the plate than a child.

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