Jonathan Ive in the documentary Objectified

Jonathan Ive, the vice president of Apple’s industrial design and one of the most renowned and influential professionals is also known for the zeal with which it protects their privacy. Luckily, it seems that this has not been any problem for the director Gary Hustwit (Helvetica, the movie), who offers a unique look to Ive and their work environment through his latest documentary: Objectified.

This documentary about industrial design recently offered for sale on DVD and Blu-ray (with subtitles in English, French and Japanese, though not in Spanish) and the parade names like Chris Bangle (BMW), Tim Brown (IDEO) or Dan Formosa (Smart Design) plus I’ve already mentioned. Objectified is our relationship with objects of mass production and the people who designed them, those who try to reinvent our world every day through either a toothbrush or the latest technology.

By the way, I’m no expert but I would say that what comes after Ive are a series of 3D printers for modeling prototypes. I wonder how it has been mounted Hustwit to let them get into the bowels of Apple.

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