File Juicer, extracts and recovers music, pictures etc

File Juicer is one of those programs that do not know when we will need, but that time comes and I’d rather have on hand. Through it, we can express the compressed files,. Iso, etc.. and extract the contents thereof. On the web we have a list of possible uses of File Juicer, but to name a few, we:
Extracting images from a PowerPoint presentation.
Extract images and text from a PDF file.
Retrieve the images and HTML files from the cache in Safari.
Recover iPod photos if you have lost your Mac
Archivs Extract JPEG files from Canon and Nikon RAW.
Besides extracting files, File Juicer also serves to hide a file inside another, what is called steganography, so that for example we can get a pdf into a jpeg image. In reality, as we have those responsible for File Juicer can also be done from the terminal:
cat foto.jpg mensaje.pdf> fotomejorada.jpg
Except that this functionality has been implemented specifically to test the extraction of files from the application. On the web we can see a fairly detailed user guide with the potential uses of the application. May free to try, but not extract all files. The license costs € 12.95.

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