Baby hit by train

A single moment of inattention can lead to tragedy. A baby of six months but fell under the wheels of a train, after the trolley was slipped on the platform, even before entering the station devices, reports Sky
Little escaped by a miracle. I had only one bruise on his head.
It happened in Australia, in Melbourne. Some blame is the mother who escaped the eyes trolley. When he saw the calamity began to cry. Several terrified passengers were assisted at the scene. While the trolley was dragged 30 feet under seal metro, boy survived. That was bound to immobilized trolley and saved lives.
Not only needed a nap and food, say doctors in the ambulance who gave first aid.
Why fear that escapes
It was filmed by surveillance cameras in the subway station and then police have been made public. They had a reason. With only 24 hours before the incident, a campaign was launched just warn travelers of danger.
Police say mother never did anything wrong.

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