Jailbroken iPhones get basic Adobe Flash support

The popular developer/hacker Comex, the man behind the Web-based iPhone jailbreaking site, has released Frash for the smartphone, certain iPod Touch models and the iPad allowing for Adobe Flash support on jailbroken devices.
Apple CEO Steve Jobs has long said that the company will not support Flash on “i” devices.
If you own the iPhone 3GS with iOS4, the iPhone 4, the iPod Touch 3G or the iPad you can now run Flash from within the Safari browser.
The installation is pretty simple. Add a custom Cydia repository, install the program and reboot your “i” device.
While the app is a great start, the developer is quick to note that the beta (version 0.02) can only support very simple Flash animations, making it useless for the most part unless you love invasive Web ads.

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