iPhone 3GS vs. iPhone 3G

I do have now an iPhone 3GS , it seems that Apple is launching every year a new phone,
do we need to buy one every year?
Well no, there are a lots of 3GS on the market locked in i don’t know what network they are locked,
well pretty all the tutorials for unlocking are telling that for a jailbreak you do need
the original phone card to activate, so buying one without it may not be such a good idea.
You can check the phone to see if you have a 3GS or 3G on the web on this 2 websites,
knowing the IMEI code wrote inside the support for the network card that you put in:


i do say this because there are persons there that are selling 3G as 3GS, well you do not
have Internet connection, you can check default camera application which does allow you
to record also, a function that at 3G model wasn’t, well i was using Cycorder before the 3GS came
out, and also you can check the compass application that tells you where the Nord is.

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