crisis has effect on VAT on some countries

Well yes, FMI was in Romania to make sure that the political system does not make same mistake as Greece to reach on a critical stage, but more or less many countries from East Europe are hiding their problems and you may think that yes it’s all fine no problem here, but under, there are still problems, also in Romania, as Hungary did took the VAT on a higher level, this is what FMI did propose also for Romania, but, it seems that there is also another way to keep the investors in, to reduce the costs from the budget by cutting off the salary from the public system, which yes, it suffocates the private domain, there are too many persons working on the public system, as all say, there are all relatives from the persons from political system, having to many people in a system that theoretically needs, less persons to exists.
So you have some persons that don’t do much that are taking money from public system, and you do not decide to reduce, to re formate a system that did hired people also on the crisis, without really having need of people, and you decide to cut off 25% of salary from all people from the public system, and 15% from the pension…it is almost a year from when the government and the president in Romania are saying that almost 800.000 persons from public system will be left
without theirs job, but still nothing yet.

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