my new Gainward 9600GT 512MB

i did not give up of seeing 3D technology at work home,
so i did buy this video card, that seems to be 3D ready:
Gainward 9600GT 512MB GS
GeForce® 9600GT, 512MB, DP, HDMI, DUAL DVI, Golden Sample
Product Name : Gainward 9600GT 512MB GS
Barcode : 471846200-9115
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce® 9600GT
GPU Clockspeed : 700+ Mhz
Memory : 512 MB GDDR3 (256 bits)
Memory Clockspeed : 1000+ MHz
Pixels per clock (peak) : N/A
Bandwidth : 64+ GB/s
Ramdac : 400 MHz
Bus : PCI-Express
Cooling : 2-Slot Fan
Video-Features : HD-Output
Connectivity : Display Port + HDMI + DUAL DVI
There are diffrences comparing to my old one that i will get rid soon.

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