nimbuzz – iphone battery problems?

Lately i’ve re-entered 2 times my iphone firmware, because i was having problems with battery, it did not last even a day, well 2 times a day on power i say it’s too much, first i thought it was my battery,
that it gives it’s last day … this also because the phone was too cheap, first i try not to install anything just basic, and i notice that it’s all fine talk, navigate to internet more or less i had at least
one day, standby 2 days at least, so i thought it’s one application that i put on it, so i put 3 last time, it was facebook app, flashlight and nimbuzz. The problem was that i did not use nimbuzz
and the battery was down after less then a day, i’ve done an uninstall of facebook app and flashlight, and same problem, so i did same thing with nimbuzz, and all problems have gone.
I was thinking to re-put the firmware, but now no need.
If you have it installed and have same issue try uninstall and give us a feedback.
The application was usefull in Italy when i forgot my laptop charger home, since i’m home i did not use it, just installed but begin to have problems.

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