Snow Leopard on Asrock 4CoreDual-SATA2

For testing purpose only, i wanted to check Snow Leopard on Asrock 4CoreDual-SATA2 mainboard
Intel Pentium 4 520, 2800 MHz
Motherboard Name ASRock 4CoreDual-SATA2
Western Digital 80G ATA Device
i’ve test it with Empire EFI 108 AMD2, after an install it seems ok i did not have time to test everything,
but it has been installed. If you want a full working and supporting system i do recomand you buying a Mac.


  1. Hi,
    how did you installed osx? Have you used a retail dvd.
    I have the same mobo but with a ati radeon x1950 pro agp
    and a intel core 2 quad 6600. I tried the installation
    with OSX 10.6 with 10.6.1 and 10.6.2 update by hazard.
    Installation worked, but everytime i want to boot i get
    a kernel panic. i even tried it with the empire efi 108 amd2 and newer versions of the empire efi. Also i used the chameleon rc4 bootloader. I appreciate any help.
    Regards Mr. Madeira

  2. i used only OSX 10.6 did not upgraded to 10.6.1 or 10.6.2 i installed using empire efi 108 amd2
    and booting then from empire efi 108 amd2 cd, for me to work i downgraded bios version from
    2.0 that i was having to 1.90 this is very important you wil get rid from a lot of kernell panics,
    then after a fresh reinstall the only kernell panic that you mai have is the video card that is not
    supported in snow leopard as you can see here
    at ATI then selecting AGP, to get rid also them boot from empire efi 108 amd2 select snow leopard press
    -s then load the 2 command writen after
    /sbin/fsck -fy
    /sbin/mount -uw
    rm -Rf /System/Library/Extensions/ATI*
    after restart boot same but in command line -v -f -F -x
    if it’s booing should do also with -v -f -F
    if the error your having is Still wating for root device it does not recognize your hard disk
    you may try an usb harddrive.
    tell me maybe with a picture what eror do you have and i’ll try to help you.

  3. Hi,
    i installed snow leopard a second time. I don’t get kernel panics anymore.
    I found a kext for my gpu for snow leopard. So the gpu should be working.
    but i still can’t boot because now i get the still waiting for root device error.
    also i get an error that the SuperVIAATA.kext could not be loaded. I think
    thats the problem why i get the still waiting for root device error. But i don’t
    know how to solve it. I tried other osx versions like 10.5.8 and they worked.
    Could it be possible to the take the SuperVIAATA.kext from 10.6. and replace it
    with the AppleVIAATA.kext from 10.5.8 the make my hdd work?
    Again thanks for your help

  4. i do not know what method did you use for install (if empire efi 108 amd2 or not), but if it did detect your harddisk at install time should see it also after, if it gives you this error
    SuperVIAATA.kext could not be loaded
    try booting F8 comand prompt -s
    /sbin/fsck -fy /
    /sbin/mount -uw /
    mkdir /Backup
    mv /System/Library/Extensions/SuperVIAATA.kext /Backup
    You can find kexts here or you can also try the ones that were working for you, if you have problems may remove then as above.

  5. Intel Pentium 4 520, 2800 MHz
    Motherboard Intel 915GAG
    NVIDIA GeFORCE 66000 GT 256MB
    Seagate 80G HDD
    Tried HAZARD distro of Snoe Leopard.
    Getting Kernel Pnanics after successfull install.
    Even installing with Legacy kernel is not helping.
    Please Help.

  6. i used for install empire efi 108 amd2 and the retail snow leopard 10.6,
    i did not make the upgrade to 10.6.1 or 10.6.2, install wordked well,
    if you are booting from empire efi 108 amd2 and choose your fresh
    installed Snow Leopard is it working? if yes an installed kext may
    give you kernell panics you may try google for the error.
    very important is to downgraded bios version from
    2.0 that i was having to 1.90 if you do not do that you will
    have kernell panics.

  7. Intel Pentium 4 520, 2800 MHz
    Motherboard Intel 915GAG
    NVIDIA GeFORCE 66000 GT 256MB
    Seagate 80G HDD
    Do I need any special patching and/or any special kexts for my hardware ?

  8. Many thanks for your help.
    I will test empire efi 108 amd2 and the retail snow leopard 10.6 tomorrow
    and and give you a feedback.

  9. try booting after install
    -v -f -F -x
    and tell me what error are you getting
    to ofer more support

  10. Hi,
    now i have another problem. i have already installed kalyway 10.5.2 on my 4 core dual sata2 rev 1 with bios version 1.9 on a 250 gb seagate sata hd for about 1 year, everything runs fine so far. since i´ve connected a second 500 gb seagate hd on the second sata port i have an unstable sata connection. sometimes when i try to copy or read data from the disk or just when i access an app the beachball appears and the whole system is not responding. It doesn´t matter wether i boot from disk 1 the kalyway 10.5.2 distro or from disk 2 the ipc 10.5.6 with 10.5.8 update distro, the instability still persist. but when i disconnect the second drive all is stable again. i have searched many forums about this problem but couldn’t find a solution. you are my last hope, maybe you have any advice for me. the only thing i did not try was to upgrade the bios to a newer version. Regards Mr. Madeira

  11. maybe it does not have/or drivers are instable for that SATA,
    i recommend use snow leopard it surely have drivers for all common SATA,
    boot with empire efi 108 amd2 if you still have snow leopard
    -v -f -F -x

  12. @PainBuster
    The error in the print screen means that you do not have the proper kernel, did you managed to install at least Leopard,
    it has many kernel, i recommend you use ideneb 1.3

  13. I have tried Legacy_Kernel,Patched Intel ATOM Kernel.
    Both not working.
    Any Idea.

  14. I am Using Snow Leopard Client-Server 10.6.2 SSE2/SSE3 Intel AMD by HAZARD distribution.

  15. Kalway Leopard is running fine but i need to install Snow Leopard.
    Please Help Me.

  16. At Last.
    I have installed Snow Leopard 10.6.2 on my PC.
    But still i am having a small problem.
    After logging in to SL, my PC freezes for nearly 4-5 Mins. During this time only my mouse is allowed to move in the screen and clicking on all menus, Drives just dosen’t work for 4-5 Mins. After that it works normally.
    Can u suggest..!!!
    I have used following during installation :
    PjCv9_KXU_10.6.2 Kernel
    Apple Azalia Audio
    About this MAC Fix.
    PS2 Fix

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