Workaround Restores Mac OS X 10.6.2 Compatibility With Intel Atom Processors

InsanelyMac reports that a member of its forums has created a workaround allowing users who have modified their Intel Atom-based netbooks into “Hackintoshes” in order to run Mac OS X to upgrade to OS X 10.6.2. The 10.6.2 update had specifically disabled native compatibility with those processors.

The changes Apple made to the latest mach_kernel removes support for this processor, leaving updated netbooks in a useless state. Fortunately, insanelymac user “teateam” patched the new kernel just two days after Apple rolled out the update. The original post can be found here. Many users are reporting success with this patch, so if your an Atom user looking to update to 10.6.2, give it a try, and let’s not forget to give “teateam” a round of applause for saving all our hackintosh netbooks!

The reasons for Apple’s disabling of Atom compatibility in 10.6.2 remains unknown, although some of speculated that the company is attempting to make it more difficult for users to create their own netbook Macs ahead of a possible tablet launch next year.

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