Speed Boot: Ubuntu 9.10 vs Vista vs Ubuntu 9.04 vs. Windows 7

In this video, seen on Downloadblog, comparison of Tuxradar regarding the boot of the last two versions of Ubuntu and the latest two versions of Windows, all four 64-bit. There are details of the used machine and we have a little ‘trust of their words when they say that it is a clean install on the same hardware configuration.
E ‘enabled auto login mind the second step is to open Firefox on the home page of Tuxradar. The result sees winning Ubuntu 9.10 and Ubuntu 9.04 with 40 seconds to 51 seconds, 67 seconds and disconnected Vista with Windows 7 with 72 seconds. Significantly below expectations, the behavior of Windows 7. As I said at the beginning, we trust Tuxradar and we should think these values.
In your experience with Karmic Koala, how did things go? Have you had the same kind of feedback or have you noticed something different? How did they perform your machine with clean install of Ubuntu 9.10?

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