Windows 7 – Windows XP Mode

Windows XP Mode is only available for 32-bit version, Windows Virtual PC regardless of their choice.It has :
– Compatibility with devices connected via USB
– Sharing the clip-board’s Windows 7
– Possibility to access the current user directories (folders contained in My Documents. Pictures, Music, Video and even the ones on your desktop – Desktop)
– Possibility of printing to the printer already attached to the computer and installed in Windows 7
– The possibility of launching virtualized applications outside the virtual environment dedicated to them.
A disadvantage, however, brought this new application is the need for compatibility with Intel Technology ™ Virtualization Technology or AMD-V ®. They must be enabled in the BIOS of the computer.
The steps for installing Xpm on Windows 7 are the following:
1. Check if the processor supports one of the technologies mentioned above (Intel ™ Virtualization Technology or AMD-V ®)
You can do this by visiting the Wikipedia article dedicated to virtualization.
Or you can download specific applications to check your processor technologies used:
– Intel
2. If your CPU has one of these technologies, reboot it and go to BIOS.
– Activate the virtualization technology (Intel or AMD), it is disabled by default
3. Install Windows Virtual PC (32 or 64 bit – depending on which version of Windows 7 have installed)
4. Install Windows XP Mode.
Note: You can install any program in Windows XP Mode, and then move shortcut from the Windows directory Virtual PC wherever you want to access it later on Windows XP Mode, but without the need for virtualization entire operating system (Windows XP).
Please see below a short video in case you are not yet confident in the usefulness of this application:

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