Hotmail password theft, extended

Dimension attack phishing from Hotmail may be higher than initially thought. On the list of addresses appearing nervous Yahoo, AOL or Gmail, according to BBC.
A list of 20,000 names and passwords that have been posted online and published on the same page where did those 10,000 users Hotmail data was seen by the BBC.
Some accounts are old, unused or false. But many of Gmail and Hotmail addresses are real.
So far nobody knows exactly where it is the same phishing attack announced by Microsoft. The company has blocked yesterday, thousands of accounts of its email system, Hotmail passwords after thousands were identified by virtual pirates and posted on a website, reports AFP.
Those who addresses, and were nervous to reveal passwords through a phishing attack and “advised” by various methods to send confidential data. blog was the first who gave information about the attack. The accounts were posted on October 1 site, writes the BBC.

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