A Spanish fisherman claims to have filmed a UFO

A Spanish fisherman claims to have filmed a UFO ,the Video was shot from a fishing vessel.
An amateur has made the Internet a video that wants to show that a flying saucer fell into the ocean, in the Galicia, and was recovered by a mysterious helicopter.
A Spanish fisherman on a boat which is on the ocean, in the Galicia maintains that shot when a UFO fell into the water. Image shows how many people out strange object in the ocean and take him aboard a white helicopter.
Video has been on the Internet. The images have triggered much controversy and debate in the press. Many “experts” in the field have argued that the flying saucer was taken by members of a secret organization called “Black People”, who want to rule the world of shadows and plotting against the United States.
The images were studied by experts in special effects. During a broadcast of Spanish television station La Sexta “, they claimed that the pictures are faked, and that because the helicopter that appears on video is not shaded. However, there are many voices who claim that the registration is 100% real.

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