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I bought a 3G iphone, knowing what iphone is, having first a 2G one, but


really i can’t wait to try igo or navizon, or also tom tom.Having a nokia 5800
before this 3G model rise a lot of question, about GPS signal if Iphone has
also good level of gps signal also in the mountains, but that’s what i have to try,
miss a little bit also radio from nokia 5800, but on the iphone you can find a
lot of things, a lot of developers are there.
Well i kind of like also miss it a little bit,
seems easy to use, all in one solution maybe.
Maybe the problems with signal from the carrier
operater it’s not so good as a nokia phone
but has other things that can be taken as good.
I don’t know the accuracy of the navigation
software in the 3G model,but i’ll write later a review.
Well back to iphone, back in testing the software for him, the application that are top rated in Apple Store maybe.

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